Friday, February 6, 2015

Traveling, sporting events, night out on the town???

A must have for all fashion minded, utilitarian people on the go! Have you seen the Infinity Scarf with a hidden pocket yet? 

This little fashion accessory will have you wondering where it's been your whole life...

You can find them in all colors, lengths and widths. One of Kind, handmade a genius of an idea! Infinity Scarves that conceal a hidden pocket. A pocket that allows you to discreetly carry items such as your passport, i.d., credit cards (at a safe height away from those pesky scanners) money and more. Finding a scarf with a zipper that keeps your personals safe is a must for travel and especially if you wear them while out bar hopping ;)))

Excellent for winter sports, traveling abroad, evening with friends and especially great for the work environment when you would rather keep your secrets to your self.

Andrea ;)