Monday, June 27, 2016

Another No sew tee shirt project...So cute and as always...Easy!

If you are handy at sewing the above photos show you what a little bit of sewing can do to a project. I have cut off the collar and added a tie, Two large grommets and pockets made from the sleeves. Just add your own label and voila' a Artsy Fartsy wearable garment to add to your hot days at the beach!


P.S. Add a little Ravenswood Wine!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

No sew T-shirt Project is Easy as Pie

Project level: EASY

I am all about easy. If I can get away with creating projects and designs that require no sewing, sister I'm in! So Here is a perfect project for a hot, lazy day :) all you are going to need are a pair of scissors and a fun fitted t-shirt. 

The only real plan you will need is where to begin the cutting. Personally I begin at the sleeve and cut straight up the shoulder seam, head carefully around the back of the collar (keep it neat and clean-steady as she goes) around to the other shoulder seam and then begin the incline around the the armhole. At this point you will want to determine how low you want your back to be :) Cut a nice straight line across the back and back around the arm hole on the other side- right back to where you began!

The wonderful thing about t-shirt material is it is very forgiving. You can give it a little pull and voila' it makes a nice little curled edge, hiding all your imperfections. As for me, I love all the imperfections within my re-purposed designs. Raw, rough and organic letting the materials fray and unravel as they may!

With all the clothing that is already produced and just sitting there, waiting for a new life, why not re-cycle that old t-shirt. Eco-couture, green fashion, upcycling and recycling isn't just a trend it is a mindful opportunity to keep our planet happy, healthy and green.