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Handcrafted Copper Ring Giveaway

Welcome, I am offering a handcrafted copper ring to the winner of my VERY FIRST GIVEAWAY!

The winner will receive a handcrafted copper ring with their choice of stone set in a copper wire wrap. This ring will  arrive 7~ 10 days of the close of the event.  I will work personally one on one with you to create that perfect design. Please understand that each ring will have its own personality and character, therefore no two rings look exactley alike. 

To Enter please click on the raffle link below and enter up to the limit on the tab :)

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Thank you for following and I look forward to creating an enchanted design just for you!!!

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When you hear or read the word Namaste, you can see the beauty and serenity in its meaning. A lovely word that is full of peace and recognition in the oneness of all...

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"And in the end our souls shall know no limits and we shall want no more" 

~Pasquale Varone

        Enjoy and  Namaste'

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Healing Properties of Amethyst a link to Carly Haxworth

Healing Properties of Amethyst from Charms Of Light - Healing

Carly Haxworth of 'Charms of Light' has a lovely website that is both intuitive and informative. She offers lovely healing jewelry and personal healing services. The above article on the healing properties of Amethyst is a link to Carly's website. The information is her sole property and I have shared it here on my blog to connect my readers with both Carly and her excellent insight into the power of Crystals. 

Mlaina ~ Elven Princess ring OOAK Design

Damn the truth! ;)..."In the practice of tolerance, one's enemy is the best teacher." ~ Dalai Lama

We are encumbered on a daily basis by life lessons and are continually searching in the deepest forest of our soul for an escape.

 Most commonly when we ask for a change to occur, or we choose to practice deeply a certain state of being, such as tolerance, patience or peace, we bring into our lives, that which we need most to truly understand.   

So... the next time you believe that you need to ask/pray for a change in your current situation, instead be still in your heart and mind. And smile while you remind yourself that you are already in the presence of opportunity.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

So, I am sitting here thinking as always that I want to change my blog title...again...I love change. I love to move things around, hide them under and in places, rearrange the ufriutnre (heehee) and make anew! I realize how much I am a sprite-flittering to and fro. One moment I feel like I want to be this and another that. A shape shifter if you will.

I know that 'Once upon a time'  I was a woodland spirit. I can recall roaming free on the moss govered ground of the forest. I would hide under lovely capped mushrooms and old decayed trees with my knees pulled up to my chin watching and listening to the song of the rain as it seemed to dance to it's own music. My wings were lovely wings, translucent with colors akin to that of the aura borialis, and most importantly I was able to shift into anything that grabbed my fancy at the moment.

I feel deep sorrow for that life lost and a wanting to return. I search for the faires and the earth elementals throughout the day, listening for the quiet whispers calling me home. Oh don't get me wrong, I am not missing God in my life because I am a believer in magic and enchantment, just the opposite my dears. In the connections I have made to the trees, rocks, wind and sky, I have been closest to God's warm embrace. I have heard God singing through the rustling of the leaves, dancing of the rain and whistle of the wind. And when I was as a woodland spirit, I layed my head on God's lap as I rested against the moss covered trees and I dreamt.

I dreamt of bigger things to come and awoke in a darkened forest covered with fog! I am, always looking for change, always needing to rearrange. My life seems somewhat of  a puzzle and I am attempting to put the picture back together that I once loved. I guess in a  sense I was all that once, a child who knew Nature and was able to be  anything that could be conjured in the minds eye. And yes, I did awaken (slowly perhaps) in a forest covered with thickets too wicked and thick to manuever.

Today however, I think perhaps I will be a faere again and listen to the breath of God...

I wonder who's home?



Monday, January 14, 2013

Hectic Living....not Eclectic Living is more like it

***Sigh*** Oh how I find solace in the evening hours. I am feeling sleepy and looking forward to the warmth of my covers tonight....needless to say it has been a very, VERY, long day!

The day started out as though it was going to be quite promising...I woke early with designs floating through my mind and headed straight for my studio...Oh right what am thinking I awoke in my studio and simply took seven steps to my studio table and began~!(fell asleep what looked to be around 3:30 Saturday night on the couch in my studio)

I had this idea that I wanted to try, a mixed media ring. Take a lovely kunzite stone and wrap it in copper, create a large copper band cut down either end to create two twirls on both sides and use a tiffany method to solder the two into a funky, organic healers protege. Let me premise this idea with the straight up fact that soldering and I are NOT attempting the stained glass method was some what a stretch for me to begin.:P

No matter how damn clean I got my copper,no matter what flux I threw on the table that solder wouldn't follow, stay, come here or go there...well it fell off plenty...I ended up with the biggest ball of solder on my table by the time all was said and done, very little of course on my kunzite stone. Okay, so then I had this brilliant idea that I just needed to blast it with a little more heat from my torch instead of my soldering iron and let me tell you,  Epic FAIL! Yeah...everything just burned up and fell off the band and I was 2 hours in and back to square one.

I, like so many other artists, have figured out that I don't get to chose the end result. And so like many other design attempts, this one decided it was to be something completly different! GRrrrrrrrr......
Up-cycled ring from another ring gone mad..Copper and Sterling
with Aquamarine CZ

This among other things brought to mind the question "And exactley Why do I do this again?". For example, while I polished  a band with my flex shaft it was ripped from my fingers and launched somewhere into another dimension...My Ugg boot to be exact...which took me tearing my room apart...twice...for over an hour....
That was the question of the day!

But in the end I prevailed!!!! Ahhhh I created Three rings and sold one....Not a half bad ending after all.

It's always upon reflecting, that I am able to see the trees through the forest and I must say I really appreciate the view!

“The difference between try and triumph is a little umph. ”Anonymous -

Polished Kunzite stone and Copper band in a mixed
media with Silver solder and Wire. 

Kunzite is a powerful stone used for protection and
vibrational  elevation in one's aura.

'It assists one in attaining deep meditative states and provides for centering in all situations; it helps one to mentally retire when in the midst of a crowd, to remain calm in the midst of distraction, and to sustain wisdom in the midst of folly. Kunzite also stimulates intuition and creativity  during the meditative state. It dispels static un-focused energy and provides for rythmic centering, inducing precision in all activities. After holding the mineral in a vertical position and aligning the chakras, the energy centers are balanced internally and connected sequentially; a "trip" with kunzite can be quite stimulating."

Astrological signs of Scorpio, Taurus, & Leo ; Vibrates to the number 7.

Quote from 'Love is in the Earth-A kaleiddoscope of Crystals - Updated (Page362) by MELODY

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Designs

I must admit that I'm not very good at this whole blog thing.... but I'm also sure that it will not take you long to figure this out on your own... WTH i'm jumping in with both feet!

I guess I started this whole blog because what I am good at, needs some more exposure. I've been told blogging is the way to go (ok, well see) 

I've only been designing bohemian  jewelry for over a year now and I really love it!!! So I will start it off by  posting a couple pictures of my Copper  OOAK rings and Memorablia bracelets. Little eclectic sculptures of copper and/or Silver...They are very raw, twisted and hammered metals some scraps. Creating with minimal skill has really allowed my jewelry an ancient feel. Very vintage or victorian or as I prefer to believe, Faere Talesque. 

Most of the time I feel as though I am a woodland Elf  working on magical jewelry that is etherical and full of spirits. 

I feel free from bounds of society and what I love the most is that I don't give a flying funk whether anyone likes it or not! Because simply enough, I  do!!!

Sometimes I find myself just looking at the little sculptures I have created and feel blessed to have made something so very cool. (Honestly I believe that Its the earth elementals that work through me :)